Tetris 1.70

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One more version of the very popular Tetris game

In 1984 a young Russian computer programmer called Alexei Pajitnov created what has become one of the most famous and most played video games in history. A simple idea that became a simple game, but one that can challenge you and defeat you if you aren't careful. The game is, of course Tetris, and if you are looking for a version of the game to play, then this Tetris might be the right one. It is one more version of the very popular Tetris game.

However, in this one it is a faithful copy of the original, although with more modern technology and better graphics. The gameplay is the same. Throughout the Tetris game coloured pieces of all different shapes fall from the top to the bottom of the screen. You have to manipulate each of the Tetris pieces to form a solid row of blocks across the playing area. This will make the row vanish. The difficulty lies in the fact that as you progress the speed of the falling pieces increases, so you have to move them into place as fast as possible in order to make the rows disappear.

The game of Tetris ends when the screen fills because you haven't been fast enough to complete rows and make them disappear. You can configure the Tetris game to decide the levels, the speed, the colours, the music, etc.


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